In 2021, Supply Chain Media launched a new format: SCM Webinar Wednesday, with guaranteed high engagement thanks to the careful selection of who is invited. The setup for this format is ‘talk radio’: no distraction from webcams, but fully focused on the high-quality content. Martijn Lofvers moderates these interactive webinars with an ongoing Q&A session and a 30-minute after-talk. Recordings of the webinars are published on the Supply Chain Movement YouTube channel and the slide decks are available as downloadable PDFs. As a partner, you receive details of all registrants, attendees and downloaders of the slide deck as warm leads for follow-up.

Webinar alerts are sent every Tuesday to the Dutch audience of Supply Chain Magazine or the European audience of Supply Chain Movement. In these announcements, you can include all the details of your upcoming webinar, such as the date and time of the webinar, but also the discussion topics and which lessons can be learned during the webinar. To highlight the level of domain expertise, all speakers are listed with their name, job title, company and photo. A registration button that re-directs to a relevant landing page is included at the end of each webinar alert.

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