At Supply Chain Media, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge content. Our editorial team invests significant time and effort in conducting in-depth research to bring you insights that drive the supply chain industry forward. Our commitment to independence ensures that our content is unbiased and reliable, providing you with the latest trends and analyses.

Whether you are featured in the magazine, or have made it to one of our Top rankings, a hard copy reprint of your appeareance provides a high-quality, long-lasting and tactile touch point. It showcases the impact you have made in the supply chain industry for your current and potential business relations and customers. 

Hard Copy Reprints

Print Reprints are sold by quantity (minimum of 50).
For faster and broader reach, couple your hard copy reprint with a digital version.

Price for 50 – 100 reprints: € 1,000 (excluding shipping costs. Shipping costs calculated on request)

Product Use Terms: Licensee has the right to distribute the printed material as provided to Licensee by Licensor in the quantity ordered.  Licensee may not digitize or make any reproductions of the Printed Material in whole or in part, and is not permitted to post or share the Printed Material online, on your website, to any social media platforms, or to otherwise share digitally.

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Digital Reprints

Licensee May Choose from the following Package Options:

Digital Reprint for internal use - € 500

  • Host on Company Website
  • Organic sharing via E-Mail

Digital Reprint for external use - € 2,000

Use Term - 12 Months from purchase

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Want to know more about ordering reprints?

Please contact Niels Bartels:
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