13 October 2020 inNOWvate Supply Chain Event

The cutting-edge innovation event in supply chain 2020!

Where the importance of innovation is clear to everyone, the ‘how’ is often much more complicated. Research shows that most innovations at start-ups were devised by people who worked an average of 9 meters apart in a room. For innovation it is therefore essential to get in touch with the right people, both acquaintances and strangers.

But what innovations are there in the field of supply chain management? And how do you apply these innovations in practice? The answers to these and other questions will be given during the third edition of the inNOWvate Supply Chain event on the 7th of May at the Rijtuigenloods venue in the Dutch city of Amersfoort.

Get in touch with supply chain professionals, get inspired by keynote speakers.


European Supply Chain Start-up Contest

Luckabox wins the first European Supply Chain Start-up Contest

The Swiss start-up Luckabox was chosen as winner of the first-ever European Supply Chain Start-up Contest on 24 May 2018. The competition for European start-ups is organized by Supply Chain Media, publisher of the Dutch trade journal Supply Chain Magazine and the quarterly European magazine Supply Chain Movement. Luckabox impressed the jury and the delegates alike with its platform which enables retailers to arrange parcel deliveries to consumers quickly and conveniently.


Supply Chain Message from BME in Berlin

We’ve got a Supply Chain Message from the BME conference in Berlin for you. At the conference we have asked Michael Pleuger from KPMG, Heiko Schwarz from Riskmethods and Andreas Schwarze from Synertrade about the trends they see in their business. Curious to see what they have to say about this? Check out our Message from Berlin.

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Supply Chain Media launches one-minute videos

 The video format continues to gain in importance, and time is becoming ever-more precious. The European media company Supply Chain Media has decided to combine these two trends by launching a series of one-minute videos via its own YouTube channel on 23 October. The ‘Supply Chain Minutes’ videos are aimed at educating viewers in a concise and engaging manner.