Supply Chain Minute – Innovation & Co Creation

“Building strong relations through Innovation & co-creation” 

– How can you make yourself attractive as an SME to a Chinese business partner, using Design Thinking

– Case: how you can save 200.000 EUR and 10 weeks in your Product Development by using innovation and co-creation

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Supply Chain Minute - Supply chain software market in 1 minute

There are a lot of software types available for supply chain: ERP, WMS, TMS, MES, APS, S&OP, GTM, Inventory Management, Demand Planning & Forecasting, Supply Chain Visibility, Shipment & Transport Execution Systems, Supply Chain Network Design, BI & Analytics, E-procurement, Order Management and Supply Chain Risk Management.

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Supply Chain Minute – Business and Soccer

Soccer is all about strategy, tactics and positions. Just like business.
The company structure is like a soccer team formation:
• marketing, sales and customer service as the strikers, the forwards; closest to the customers and scoring most of the goals;
• logistics/operations, supply chain management and purchasing in midfield; organizing the game and fulfilling the commercial promise to the customer;

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Supply Chain Message
from BME in Berlin

We’ve got a Supply Chain Message from the BME conference in Berlin for you. At the conference we have asked Michael Pleuger from KPMG, Heiko Schwarz from Riskmethods and Andreas Schwarze from Synertrade about the trends they see in their business. Curious to see what they have to say about this? Check out our Message from Berlin.

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Supply Chain Minute – Strategy Mindmapping

The second Supply Chain Minute is live, it’s all about Strategy Mindmapping!

‘The problem of just throwing strategic projects onto the workfloor is that there is no closed loop, just a distorted messaging through the company hierarchy like game in which a line of children whispering a message to the next one.’

Martijn Lofvers wrote an article about this topic.


Supply Chain Media launches one-minute videos

 The video format continues to gain in importance, and time is becoming ever-more precious. The European media company Supply Chain Media has decided to combine these two trends by launching a series of one-minute videos via its own YouTube channel on 23 October. The ‘Supply Chain Minutes’ videos are aimed at educating viewers in a concise and engaging manner.