The supply chain software market is changing all the time. For manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and logistics service providers who are looking for a suitable solution, it remains difficult to make true comparisons between software vendors. Therefore, in 2009, Supply Chain Media launched the “IT Subway Map” to provide a clear, at-a-glance overview of the vendors who are specialised in the various types of supply chain software (ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.).

The SCM editorial team designs the map independently, based on the number of implementations and revenue percentage per software solution (including required threshold levels), company size and positioning with respect to competitors. In order to be included on the European edition of the SCM IT Subway Map, vendors must have their own offices in several European countries.

Supply Chain Media has visualized the most recent developments in the European supply chain software marketing in the 13th edition of its SCM IT Subway Map. Based on their input, including details about the number of live customers in Europe and the revenue share per software type, the software vendors have been allocated a number of subway stations highlighting their areas of expertise in Europe.

To complement the printed edition, and the downloadable PDF, Supply Chain Media also developed a clickable online version about the European software market.

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