When companies and their alphas are exploring the wild, they start looking for practical help. Decision-makers want to read case studies of how other companies have overcome specific challenges, plus they want quick self-assessments and practical checklists to make sure that they are not missing any crucial steps. Visualization helps to give them a quick yet complete overview of all the crucial elements, especially in turbulent times.


Actionable information

Supply Chain Media is a source of practical information for decision-makers. We have developed dozens of very useful checklists, roadmaps and insightful mindmaps about specific supply chain topics. The End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility self-assessment, developed by us in collaboration with several leading multinationals, proved particularly helpful during the first peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Strategy Compass and our Trend Compass are helping companies to align their business and supply chain goals and to design a clear roadmap for future innovation. And our renowned subway maps, which visualize the positioning of supply chain software vendors and consulting firms in Europe, give companies an at-a-glance overview of the possible solution partners with a proven track record in specific areas. Additionally, in 2018 we launched the annual Maturity Matrix of supply chain start-ups in Europe, based on the analysis of more than 160 budding solution providers.


Co-created content

We have developed many of these practical visualizations in collaboration with our premium partners – vendors with extensive proven expertise in a particular domain. This co-created content is in high demand in today’s times of need because decision-makers have become familiar with the formats in our magazines over the years and regard them as useful downloads as the basis for discussing the specific topics with their colleagues.

In the current avalanche of whitepapers published online, supply chain alphas are looking for credible and independent sources. They don’t want to waste time digesting shallow marketing messages. That’s why it is so beneficial that Supply Chain Media is widely recognized as a provider of valuable visual content. Most of the time, companies don’t even know what their real problem is until someone identifies their weak spot for them. As a vendor, instead of blatantly promoting your products and services, you can create trust by addressing specificsupply chain challenges that the alphas are likely to face and explaining their consequences. Once the alphas recognize their problem and understand why it is important to solve it, they become interested in the possible solutions that you could provide for their challenges in the wild.