Ants share knowledge by spreading pheromones. As soon as an ant discovers a food it leaves a trail of scent. This allows other ants to find the same food source and leave their own scent trail. Over time, the scent evaporates. But the more often the route is walked, and the shorter the route, the more pheromones there are. So the route with the strongest scent trail indicates the optimal route.


Share your knowledge

Before creating the optimal route, ants share their knowledge intensively. This goes beyond the clear division of roles within a colony. It is based on individual knowledge and expertise. Knowledge sharing goes both ways. In one subject you are a master, in the other an apprentice.

The route to our communication channels, as described before, is already frequently followed. By adding your expert knowledge to our channels, we give better practical tools and insights to supply chain ants. We bring our expertise in editorial frameworks, (social) media channels and tone of voice. You bring your knowledge, e.g. of solutions and implementation. Together, we simplify the search for an optimal supply chain.


Co-created content

In the current overload of (online) information, supply chain decision makers are looking for credible sources. They don’t want to waste time reading shallow marketing messages. Supply Chain Media developed many practical visualizations together with premium partners. Examples are the ecosystem and checklists, roadmaps and mindmaps on specific topics. Supply chain professionals recognize the formats in the magazines and websites inside out, like ants looking for food. Last year, the co-created content generated over 16,500 unique leads.

Even though the saying is “knowledge is power”, ants believe “sharing knowledge is power”. Real thought leaders share their expertise and do not keep it to themselves.