Many companies are unclear about their business strategy: which mountain are we trying to climb, and why? It is crucial to find the best route to the top, translated into effective supply chains and communicated throughout the entire organisation.

Use of a mindmap
Developing a strategic supply chain mindmap helps to identify obstacles and illustrate each discipline’s role in overcoming them. Completing this strategic and operational cycle periodically can help to ensure a company’s success, both today and in the future.

Objective of cross-functional 1-day workshop
1. Create a practical mindmap to give an overview of the company or divisional mission with:
    a.     Most relevant market trends for the company
    b.     Impact of these on the business functions of the company
    c.     Supply chain challenges of the company
    d.     Key supply chain-related and cross-functional projects

2.    Deliver prioritisation of projects with collaboratively agreed SMART targets.

1.    A moderator with experience as a Strategy Mindmap Coach, like Martijn Lofvers
2.    A3-format mindmap with:
        a total overview of supply chain projects
        i.    for the company, category or region
        ii.   with the KPI’s and Targets
3.    A custom-designed mindmap, printed in 100 copies

Total Costs:
€ 7,500 (excluding VAT, flight tickets & hotel accommodation)