SCM Update

The subscribers to Supply Chain Media’s various e-newsletters are generally more engaged than the website visitors, which means that display ads in the e-newsletters will have a higher attention value. The e-newsletters have an impressive open rate thanks to the high-quality editorial content, which means that an interested audience will see your display ads. The Supply Chain Magazine e-newsletter is published weekly and the European (English-language) newsletter is sent out bi-weekly.

Sizes display ads in SCM Update:
banner (564 x 115 pixels)
rectangle (300 x 250 pixels)


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Dedicated announcements

A dedicated announcement is like a newsletter, but it does not contain any other editorial articles – just one message from you, with one topic and one call-to-action such as ‘Download the checklist now’. As mentioned above, co-created content is a great lead generator, and most of those leads originate from dedicated announcements. You can choose whether to send your dedicated announcement to the Dutch audience of Supply Chain Magazine or the European audience of Supply Chain Movement.


Webinar alerts

Webinar alerts are sent every Tuesday to the Dutch audience of Supply Chain Magazine or the European audience of Supply Chain Movement. In these announcements, you can include all the details of your upcoming webinar, such as the date and time of the webinar, but also the discussion topics and which lessons can be learned during the webinar. To highlight the level of domain expertise, all speakers are listed with their name, job title, company and photo. A registration button that re-directs to a relevant landing page is included at the end of each webinar alert.


Recommended LinkedIn Posts

Supply Chain Media has three LinkedIn communities. The two biggest are Supply Chain Magazine Group and Supply Chain Movement Group. The goal of these communities is to stimulate networking, discussion and knowledge sharing amongst supply chain professionals. One post can be recommended per week. All group members receive a notification of the recommended post, which results in a huge attention value. This is a great way of generating downloads or boosting registrations for events, for instance.


Want to know more about online advertising in our e-newsletters, dedicated announcements or recommended LinkedIn posts?

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