The first ant that discovers a new food source, usually runs into it coincidentally. Its route is not necessarily the shortest, or most efficient. By taking other ants with them, they test and learn alternative routes to the food source. Together they find the optimal route. Test and learn also applies to your marketing. When determining a new target group, the first lead generation campaign will not have optimal results. Testing different messaging, A-B testing banners, engaging product
experts ánd customers all optimize your results.


Desire drives action

Publication of high quality content is not enough. The “post & pray” principle is hardly ever results in a successful lead generation campaign. The perfect campaign does not exist. But Supply Chain Media has gained valuable insights by extensive testing and learning over the years.


Dedicated announcements

We send dedicated announcements to over 24,000 subscribers, twice a week. The average Unique Click Through Rate (UCTR) is a staggering 6,5% and the open rate isbetween 24% and 31%! Dedicated announcements are e-newsletters containing your content only. From experience we know: each newsletter must contain both text and banners. The why, how an d what of your.

LinkedIn community

Supply Chain Media owns LinkedIn groups and pages specifically for supply chain professionals. The Supply Chain Movement LinkedIn group has a reach of more than 40,000. Members are admitted to the group after qualification by supply chain related job title. Supply chain decision makers actively share knowledge and comments within the group. This interaction is the key to optimal knowledge sharing. The group gained a certificate as “Most Engaging Group of LinkedIn” last year. You share your knowledge on your own channels, within your own community. You expand your reach by sharing the same content in our LinkedIn groups. This generates a new, additional target group complementing your existing one. A valuable addition to your marketing mix.

As group manager we recommend one post, once a week. All group members receive a notification of the recommendation. This increases the attention value.

Similar to ants, supply chain marketers need to test different campaigns and learn from mistakes. Fortunately, not all mistakes have to be yours; we have a lot of experience, so please take our advice to heart.