Thanks to your visual content, your (potential) customers have recognized their problems and have become interested in the possible solutions. They are searching for a buoy to grab onto which will prevent them from getting into more difficulties. Now it’s time to get closer and throw them your lifeline! Highlight the main benefits to let your customers know why your company can provide the best solution. Desire drives action.


Lead generation

Our biggest secret to success is lead generation – the process of attracting your (potential) costumers and convincing them to do business with your company. In exchange for your interesting content, you ask them for their personal details so that you contact them for follow-up. Supply Chain Media has multiple ways to push your content and get in touch with your (potential) customers. Our website, social media channels and dedicated announcements will help you throw out your lifeline. Decision-makers in need regard co-created content from our magazines as useful downloads as the basis for discussing specific topics with their colleagues. Pushing co-created content on our websites can generate three times more downloads than publishing whitepapers elsewhere. This proves that our content is seen as independent and objective, and therefore has more credibility than content pushed by vendors themselves.


Social media communities

Supply Chain Media has created social media pages and groups especially for supply chain professionals. For example, we have a corporate LinkedIn page plus six groups, with a reach of almost 40,000 professionals in total. Supply Chain Media’s LinkedIn groups complement your own social media communities, so sharing the content will further increase the reach.

Besides creating desire through social media, it is possible to send a dedicated announcement to our email database which includes over 15,000 supply chain professionals in total. Every dedicated announcement is visualized as a personal recommendation by Martijn Lofvers which significantly boosts the attention value. A dedicated announcement offers space for your text, logo and a visual that re-directs to the co-created content on the Supply Chain Magazine or Supply Chain Movement website.