To help companies find their way in the world of supply chain consultancy, both figuratively and literally, Supply Chain Media has developed a subway map that helps to reduce the transit time when searching for suppliers.

Supply Chain Media’s subway maps are distributed in printed format together with editions of the magazine and are also made available online as PDFs.


Stations on subway map
The SCM Consulting Subway Map is based on information provided by the consulting firms themselves. A combination of the number of consultancy projects completed, the market share by revenue for each specific area of advice, the size of the company and the the degree of specialization determines whether a company gets its own subway station on the relevant line, thus visualizing the company's proven experience in a particular area of supply chain expertise. To be included on this subway map, a consultancy firm must have offices in more than one European country or also on other continents, although a few exceptions have been made for supply chain consulting firms with a truly international customer base. For each specific area of advice, the consultancy firms were also asked to name the three competitors that they come up against most regularly when pitching. Companies that named each other most often are located closest together on the map.


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