The 4 C's for constructing a close-knit community


Concepts that captivate and connect supply chain professionals. Our editorial teams work closely with experts and thought leaders in the supply chain industry to discover the most relevant and innovative ideas. These ideas are visualized in recognizable concepts and serve as building blocks for the community. Supply Chain Media's recognizable concepts include Subway Maps, Maturity Matrix for supply chain start-ups, Ecosystem, Mindmaps, Roadmaps, and checklists.

Content is the second C and a crucial link in the process. We deliver high-quality, in-depth content that addresses the needs and challenges of supply chain professionals. Whether it's in-depth analyses, interviews with leading professionals, or practical tips and trends in the supply chain - our content is the glue that holds our community together.

The third C, Channels, represents our distribution channels for content. Through our trade magazines, digital newsletters, websites, webinars, LinkedIn groups, and YouTube, we reach a wide range of supply chain professionals in Europe. These channels provide space for interaction, discussion, and sharing insights, keeping the community active.

The last C stands for the relationships that emerge within the community with supply chain executives, professors, senior consultants, founders of start-ups, and experts from vendors. Whether it's establishing new business connections, sharing experiences, or finding solutions to shared challenges, these contacts are the vital essence of our community.

The strength of Supply Chain Media lies in the cohesion of these 4 C's. It's like a perfectly streamlined, circular supply chain; if one of the C's is missing, the process is interrupted, and the community falls apart. Become a part of this dynamic community and benefit from the synergy that arises from this unique process.