Are you ready to take your brand to new heights in 2024? We are excited to introduce our latest initiative designed to help you stand out from the competition: Boost Your Brand.

What is Boost Your Brand ?

Boost Your Brand elevates your brand presence through a combination of online and print marketing advertisements. If you are rebranding, acquiring another company or expanding internationally, this multi-channel approach keeps your brand top of mind.

Content of the Boost your Brand Campaign:

Brand awareness through online and print advertisements:

  • 2-weeks a Rectangle on our website (average of 5,500 pageviews)
  • 2x a Leaderboard in our international e-newsletter (over 18,000 subscribers)
  • 2x an advertorial in our international e-newsletter (over 18,000 subscribers)
  • 1-page advertisement in our trade magazine Supply Chain Movement (circulation of 4,500 copies)
  • Advertising Block on the SCM IT Subway Map or the SCM Consulting Subway Map

Looking for an exclusive Dutch audience? We have our brand Supply Chain Magazine with a reach over 6,000 Dutch supply chain decision makers.

Boost your brand

Want to know more about Boost your Brand?

Please contact Hugo Berentsen:
+31 (0)6 54 76 13 84