Portal:  www.supplychainmagazine.nl / www.supplychainmovement.com

The websites supplychainmagazine.nl and supplychainmovement.com offer various ways of improving your visibility among visitors. There are two types of banner options:

Medium Rectangle:

This is visible on every page of the portal. There are
a total of 5 different positions, each of which is a carousel made up of
max. 3 banners.

300 x 250 pixels
jpeg or (animated) gif
max 250 kb

Price: € 750 per month


The banner is displayed in a prominent position on the homepage
of the portal. A total of 3 banners can be displayed one beneath the

597 x 130 pixels
jpeg or (animated) gif
max 250 kb

Price: € 450 per month

Material deadline: 3 days before insertion date


For more information or reservation please contact Hugo Berentsen