Around the world, manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies are experiencing supply chain challenges. These companies are looking for solutions like a colony of ants is looking for food. Ants wonder around randomly, until they encounter a food source. Before the whole colony can use the food source optimally, the first ant needs to share this discovery. Trust and transparency are key for long time survival..


Lighten the Load

Be careful with information overload! An ant can carry up to 50 times its own weight. This may seem like a lot, but an overload, thus being crushed, is lurking around the corner. Keep the load light before dropping all information, like product brochures and technical details of your solution. Start with creating awareness.

Creating awareness is about being seen by your target group. So first, determine your target group. What kind of supply chain professional do you want to reach? In which industry? And which country? And which channels should you use? For more than ten years Supply Chain Media is in close contact with supply chain directors, VPs and executives all over Europe. Like an entomologist studies ant colonies, we have studied the behaviour and challenges of supply chain professionals. We know what keeps them up at night and how your solution might help.


Leave your scent

When ants discover food, they leave a trail of pheromones. The more, and the quicker, ants use the trail, the stronger the scent gets. The stronger the scent, the easier this route is used by other ants from the colony.

The route to independent information on our magazines, websites and newsletters is already used by many supply chain decision makers. Place attractive advertisement in our magazines and eye-catching banners on our websites and e-newsletters to reach supply chain professionals in Europe and beyond.