The world is caught up in a heavy storm. Companies are being tossed around on huge waves and some of them are in need of help. They should be aware who is out there to provide them with the right solution. But they won’t get involved with solution providers they don’t know. So, as a solution provider, you should make sure that potential customers recognize you and know who you are. What is your company all about? When you close your eyes and think about your company, what kind of image do you see? If your company were to place a billboard at the side of the road the whole year round, what image would it show? Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Supply chain captains

Creating awareness is about being seen by your target group. So first, determine your target group. What kind of supply chain professional do you want to reach? In which industry? And which country/region? Supply Chain Media is focused primarily on the level from supply chain director up to chief supply chain officer. We feature supply chain decision-makers from manufacturing companies, wholesalers and retailers on each and every cover of our magazine, which means we have interviewed a huge amount of them over the years. We have also surveyed them regularly, so we know most of the supply chain captains (and their ships).

Next, you should explore which channels will enable you to reach out to your target audience. At Supply Chain Media, we publish magazines in English and in Dutch, both in print and online. We have multiple websites with countless interesting articles. And numerous supply chain professionals receive our e-newsletters and are members of our LinkedIn groups.



Raise your flag

Then, show yourself! Make yourself visible for the supply chain captains looking for software vendors, consulting firms and logistics service providers with the right solutions to guide them through the storm. Raise your flag. You want to be seen by as many relevant supply chain captains as possible. To achieve this, you can place compelling advertisements in our supply chain magazines and unmissable banners on our websites and e-newsletters.