An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. Advertorials have emerged as a way for companies to advertise their products. A testimonial (a type of advertorial) turns a certain customer, who tried a product or service, into a witness of its good qualities. Positive opinions can be used to build a good marketing image and consolidate the advertising campaign.

Supply Chain Media works with trained freelance journalists who know what the audience wants and who they are so the content will have the right tone of voice and will blend into the publication. We can also create a design for your advertorial which matches your corporate identity.

The controversy surrounding advertorials (testimonials) is centred on the fact that the majority of them are not upfront with their ulterior motives as many readers can't tell that the piece of content is actually a paid promotion. Supply Chain Media therefore has the policy that advertorials and testimonials have a deviating lay-out and the word ‘advertorial’ is always printed at the top of the page to maintain its independency.

Note: Advertorials are not the same as sponsored content or branded content. Sponsored content is what a publisher creates and then a brand pays for. The difference between sponsored and branded content is that the brand creates the content for the publisher.

Costs: €5.250,- per advertorial

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