Once a (potential) customer has gained awareness of your products and services, developed an interest in the solutions you offer and desires them to solve their problems, it is time for them to take action. Like wolves and raven collaborate to find prey, it is time to get to their prey, your solution.


Partner up with SCM

The leads you have generated enable you to get in contact with your (potential) customers. Additionally, each year Supply Chain Media organizes webinars and events, often featuring supply chain decision-makers as keynote speakers, where you can expand your network – whether in person or online. Partner up with Supply Chain Media to explore the opportunities for leading your (potential) customers to attractive territory.


Hybrid events

We organized our first-ever hybrid events in 2020 due to the circumstances, but we believe that hybrid events are here to stay. They make it possible for participants from all over the world to attend virtually. Besides that, hybrid events offer our partners the advantages of both in-person events and their online counterparts, plus they enable you to spread your content in many different ways.


Why co-organize a webinar

Webinars provide the perfect opportunity to share your expertise with an interested audience in depth. Because they are interactive, webinars offer the possibility for the audience to ask specific questions and get immediate answers. At the end of a successful webinar, it should be clear that you are the right raven to solve the supply chain alpha’s problem at hand.