On a route too busy, ants just push each other off the road and onto another. This harsh method of
correction is very effective. Ants returning home via the overpopulated route, push ants leaving the nest onto an alternative route. Returning ants keep doing this until the optimal route is accessible again. It’s one of their ways of giving honest feedback.


Partner up with SCM

The leads we have generated together enable you to contact supply chain professionals. Depending on their needs, you can follow up. For example, you can invite them for roundtables or a webinar.

Next to your own events and webinars, you can also partner up with SCM events and webinars. Our events feature independent keynote speakers, supply chain practitioners, field experts and academics. There are many networking opportunities at the events as well.


SCM Webinar Wednesday

Webinars provide the perfect opportunity to share your expertise with an interested audience and create new content. Supply Chain Media launched SCM Webinar Wednesday during the pandemic. We still host a webinar every Wednesday, due to its ongoing success. The audience can ask specific questions and get immediate answers in this 60-minutes interactive format. SCM Webinar Wednesday is always hosted by Martijn Lofvers and concludes with a 30-minute after talk in a virtual lounge. We offer you the opportunity to co-host a SCM Webinar Wednesday about a topic of your expertise.

Just like ants push each other to better roads, receiving feedback from supply chain professionals is very valuable. Hear directly from them what questions they still have, what features they miss in your proposition and which problem keeps them up at night. This information improves your position in the supply chain market.