As a trend watching company Supply Chain Media is scanning the market constantly for inspiring stories, especially in the current turbulent times. Like a lighthouse we always on the lookout watching and signalling the different ships on the sea. We are not only covering the market, but also helping out with practical advice and frameworks.

Since being founded in 2010, the company Supply Chain Media has generated a wealth of strategic yet practical knowledge by interviewing numerous supply chain directors, senior executives and managers. We share the resulting insights in print and digitally (for tablets, laptop and desktop computers) in our Dutch-language publication Supply Chain Magazine and in the English-language Supply Chain Movement, our magazine with a unique European focus. As firm believers in ‘less is more’, we don’t overwhelm our readership with hollow press releases. Instead, we filter the industry news for our readers and condense useful knowledge into practical self-assessments and checklists. There is already too much fake news in the world.

Thanks to many years of experience in the publishing business, we know that visualization is the most effective way of communicating complex knowledge. That’s why we have designed various subway maps visualizing the Dutch and European markets of software vendors, logistics service providers and consulting firms. Meanwhile, each of our schematized mind maps covers all the relevant aspects of a specific supply chain topic or industry development.

Last but not least, we engage professionals through webinars and hybrid events with our Premium Partners. With creative workshop formats, even in a 3D world with avatars, we inspire the members of our Dutch SCM Directors Club Netherlands and our SCM Executive Club Europe. By connecting supply chain decision-makers, both to each other and to relevant vendors and service providers, we are taking the supply chain management profession to a whole new level – throughout Europe and beyond.