Lighthouse in the storm

As a trendwatching company, Supply Chain Media is constantly scanning the market for inspiring stories, especially in today’s turbulent times. Like a lighthouse keeper, we are always on the lookout – watching and signalling to the ships on the sea. Besides reporting on market developments, we also help out by providing practical advice and useful frameworks.


Supply chain decision-makers are continually looking for solutions which can help them succeed in a rapidly changing market.
How can providers of supply chain solutions reach those decision-makers effectively?

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The world is caught up in a heavy storm. Companies are being tossed around on huge waves and some of them are in need of help. They should be aware who is out there to provide them with the right solution. But they won’t get involved with solution providers they don’t know. So, as a solution provider, you should make sure that potential customers recognize you and know who you are. What is your company all about? When you close your eyes and think about your company, what kind of image do you see? If your company were to place a billboard at the side of the road the whole year round, what image would it show? Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

When companies and their captains find themselves in stormy weather, they start looking for practical help. Decision-makers want to read case studies of how other companies have overcome specific challenges, plus they want quick self-assessments and practical checklists to make sure that they are not missing any crucial steps. Visualization helps to give them a quick yet complete overview of all the crucial elements, especially in turbulent times.

Thanks to your visual content, your (potential) customers have recognized their problems and have become interested in the possible solutions. They are searching for a buoy to grab onto which will prevent them from getting into more difficulties. Now it’s time to get closer and throw them your lifeline! Highlight the main benefits to let your customers know why your company can provide the best solution. Desire drives action.

Once a (potential) customer has gained awareness of your products and services, developed an interest in the solutions you offer and desires them to solve their problems, it is time for them to take action. They have grabbed on to your lifeline, so it’s now time to help them aboard.