Watching complex behavior

As a trendwatching company, Supply Chain Media is constantly scanning the market for inspiring stories, especially in the current turbulent times. Like biologists observing and studying complex animal behaviors of wolf packs, we are always on the lookout - watching for supply chain trends and try to make some practical sense of these. Besides overviewing the market, we also help out by providing practical advice and useful frameworks.


Supply chain decision-makers are continually looking for solutions which can help them succeed in a rapidly changing market.
How can providers of supply chain solutions reach those decision-makers effectively?

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All around the world manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies are experiencing all kinds of supply chain challenges. These companies are looking for solutions like a wolf pack hunting for prey. They should be aware who is out there to provide them with the right solution. But they won’t get involved with solution providers they don’t know.

When companies and their alphas are exploring the wild, they start looking for practical help. Decision-makers want to read case studies of how other companies have overcome specific challenges, plus they want quick self-assessments and practical checklists to make sure that they are not missing any crucial steps. Visualization helps to give them a quick yet complete overview of all the crucial elements, especially in turbulent times.

Thanks to your visual content your (potential) customers have recognized their problems and have become interested in the possible solutions. Like a raven showing a wolf a perfect prey, you are leading a prospect to your perfect solution. Now it’s time to get closer by! Highlight the main benefits to let your customers know why your company can provide the best solution. Desire drives action.

Once a (potential) customer has gained awareness of your products and services, developed an interest in the solutions you offer and desires them to solve their problems, it is time for them to take action. Like wolves and raven collaborate to find prey, it is time to get to their prey, your solution.


The job description of most marketeers has drastically changed in the last few years. From set event scripts pre-pandemic, towards the unknown territory of virtual and hybrid events in the midst of the pandemic. Supply Chain Media has organized several of these hybrid events and created Webinar Wednesday. During this webinar Nicole Messink, marketeer of Supply Chain Media, will share her experiences of this transition period. She will also present the data of the webinars, regarding promotions, registrants, attendees and the recordings.

Hans Molenaar, Director of Beeckestijn Business School will connect those with the theory and his experiences.

What is here to stay? What was just a hype?